This is Christ's Church. There is a place for you here.
This is Christ's Church.  There is a place for you here.

The Prayground at Holy Trinity

A prayground is a space where people of all ages can engage in worship in a hands-on way. It is not just a space for children, although children are usually the first to explore this area.


Our prayground has alternative seating, quiet toys, and space to color, doodle, or write during worship. There's also seating for adults who need to stay close to their children.


Sometimes it gets noisy in the prayground — that's OK! We're glad to hear the sounds of children in our worship space. It is a blessing to us. Just as Jesus welcomed children into the body of Christ, so do we!


There are, however guidelines that should be followed so that everyone can participate in worship to the best of their ability.


Our prayground guidelines are as follows:


Children should be supervised in this space. Some noise is OK — but if a child is being excessively noisy, they and their adult can utilize the Welcome Center area until they are ready for quieter play.


There is no food or drink allowed in the prayground. Water is OK.


It is expected that children will clean up after themselves. If assistance is needed, adults are expected to help clean up.


These guidelines are all posted in the prayground for reference during worship. 

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